At Conduru Construcoes we believe in enjoyment as a lifestyle, that’s why we build real estate opportunities in the paradise of Preá. The city is located in the municipality of Cruz, in the state of Ceará.
The journey to reach the destination is not very different from how to get to Jericoacoara. Here, We will explain the main options so you get to travel safe to this paradise on earth.

How to get to
Preá by Plane

The closest airport to Preá is the Comandante Ariston Pessoa Regional Airport, located in Jericoacoara. Currently, there are flights through the brazilian companies (Latam, Gol and Azul) departing from the capitals and large cities throughout the country with variable values according to distance and seasonality.

Also, according to the municipality of Jericoacoara itself, there are plans for the airport to begin receiving international flights in a short time.

They are about 20 km away between the airport and Villa Conduru. You can choose to rent a car, hire a private driver or a taxi at the airport itself.

Another option is to buy air tickets to Fortaleza and do the rest of the itinerary (about 250 km) via ground transportation to Preá.


Leaving Jijoca, it is possible to go directly to Preá. However, if the starting point is Jericoacoara, we suggest that you choose to go by buggy, preferably with a guide.

For those who come from Fortaleza, you only have to take the CE-085 highway in the west direction. There are signs along the way as well as several local companies, guides and drivers to help travelers.

There are options from Jijoca to Jericoacoara or directly to Preá. In the case of Jeri, the final journey includes dunes, so it is recommended to do it during the day in a 4×4 vehicle or have the help of local guides with suitable vehicles. However, it is not necessary to use 4×4 vehicles to get to Preá.

In addition to Fortaleza, the two other closest capitals are Teresina (located about 450 km away), via BR-343; and São Luís (about 650 km away), via BR-402.