Why Prea?

Preá is one of the must go points of the east itineraries of Jericoacoara and also a community located in Cruz, in the state of Ceará. It is one of the longest beaches in Ceará and is highly recommended for sports such as Kitesurfing and Windsurfing as a result of the strong winds. In the high sports season, you can not only enjoy the landscape, but also the colorful kitesurfing sails.

why visit
Jericoacoara and Preá?

Paradisiacal beaches, a lot of tranquility and natural beauties. All prepared to live unforgettable moments.

In these paradisiacal beaches you can enjoy the sea, it has an ideal temperature for bathing, a complete infrastructure on the beach and water sports options for those who like to more adrenaline.

Jericoacoara and Preá have various options for tourist trips in the region: charming beaches, lakes, sports’ parks and the beauty of nature that are only found in this region.

What to do in Prea?

In addition to the beach itself, there are various options of tourism near Jericoacoara. Some of them are:

Arpoeiras Beach

It is an excellent option for a walk with the family. The sea is calm, with few waves, and the beach does not attract crowds, being a perfect option to enjoy the view and the ocean.

And if you enjoy sports, depending on the winds and few waves, it is also an excellent option for kitesurfing and windsurfing. Also, the sunset in Arpoeiras will take your breath away.

Árvore da Preguiça

It is an essential stop to take photos and appreciate the beauties of nature. It is literally a tree that seems to stretch to get up, shaped by the action of the wind, an unusual and surprising sight that contrasts with the dunes around it.

Buraco Azul

It is one of the main tourist spots on the east side of Jericoacoara. The place is literally a hole that was dug for the extraction of sand and that, in 2019, was filled with water after a period of heavy rains. The limestone gives the water a wonderful turquoise hue, making it a beautiful must-see tourist attraction and a perfect setting for photos.


The Laguna de Tatajuba, or Tatajuba beach, is one of the most frequented places on the west side of Jericoacoara. The beach has an excellent infrastructure with kiosks and stalls, as well as water sports.

The water temperature is good and the weather is pleasant, a truly lovely walk to do with friends or family.

Pedra Furada

Provides an incredible sunset experience in the winter months. With a wonderful and highly photogenic landscape, it is an unmissable stop for those who visit Preá, Jericoacoara or other cities in the region. The place itself consists of two large stones forming a gap between them. If you want to visit, prioritize going at low tide to appreciate the best of the landscape.

Nightlife in Preá

Preá itself is quieter at night. But it is very close to Jericoacoara, which offers a wide variety of possibilities to enjoy the night. In this way, you can take advantage of the best of clubs and bars in Jericoacoara and then rest in the tranquility and silence in Preá.

What to do in Jeri?

Jericoacoara is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The town of Jericoacoara also has an incomparable charm and beauty with streets made of sand, houses and buildings with a rustic style. Visiting Jericoacoara Beach is a guarantee of fun and unforgettable moments.

in Jericoacoara

During the night, you can choose to have fun in one of the many bars with live music or enjoy a delicious and traditional caipirinha in several kiosks by the sea, accompanied by the sound of the waves and unbeatable view.