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How to get to Preá?


📌 Introducción 

📌 Where is Preá?

📌 How to get to Preá?

📌 Conduru Construcciones: The right place to buy properties in the northeast of Brazil

📌 Villa Conduru: The perfect place to stay

Discover the peaceful Vila de Preá, located in the municipality of Cruz, state of Ceará, on the northeast coast of Brazil. 

 With its expansive beaches, including Praia do Preá, integrated into the Jericoacoara National Park, this place invites you to rest, refreshing swims, and exciting water sports, especially kitesurfing, thanks to the favorable winds between July and December.

Just 8.7 miles from Jericoacoara, known as Jeri, you can easily access all the tourist attractions, from buggy or quad bike rides through the dunes, to enjoying the serenity of a unique natural environment.

This article is designed to guide you to a heavenly paradise, an authentic refuge of serenity that promises unforgettable experiences.

Are you ready to join us? 

Where is Preá? 

Preá is located in the northeast bay of Brazil, part of the region’s extensive coastline and of the municipality of Cruz, in the state of Ceará. Just 25 minutes away from Jericoacoara, a renowned tourist destination, and about 186.4 miles from Fortaleza, the capital of Ceará and the gateway to the region.

Seafood and fishermen are emblematic of this town, which still preserves the deeply rooted traditions of its inhabitants. With traditional festivities, a rich gastronomy, and a strong fishing heritage, Preá is a cultural symbol.

How to get to Preá? 

To reach Preá, the quickest way is to head to Jericoacoara Airport, which is located 12.4 miles away in the same municipality of Cruz.

Once there, you can hire a taxi service or rent a car. 

As mentioned earlier, the gateway to the state of Ceará is the city of Fortaleza, its capital. Its only airport is Pinto Martins International Airport, which offers national and international connections.

If you arrive at Fortaleza airport, you must hire a transfer, rent a car, or take a bus from the Guanabara company.

If you are coming by car, simply follow the CE-085 highway, which connects the capital with the main beaches of the state.

From Villa Conduru, we can assist you in organizing your trip by arranging taxi services or transfers for you.


Conduru Constructions: The right place to buy properties in the northeast of Brazil

Our developments consist of cutting-edge spaces that invite relaxation and connection with nature.

🏡 Whether as a permanent residence or investment, Conduru Construcciones ensures the highest quality in infrastructure and services:

  • Fully equipped houses.
  • Garden.
  • 24-hour security.
  • Recreational area.
  • Swimming pool.
  • Private Wi-Fi.
  • Own water tank.

✅ Conduru I was our first project in Preá, completed in March 2020. Conduru Residence Condominium is a gated community of 36 equipped and cozy houses, distributed on a plot of land with a total area of 59,421 square feet. Each unit has 1,184 square feet of area on two floors, with two bedrooms.

✅ Conduru II began construction in April 2022, and its houses quickly found owners. It features 31 houses and apartments with options of 2 or 3 bedrooms. 

The units have an area of 1,130.21 square feet and 1,334.72 square feet, featuring a spacious living room, kitchen, dining room, and 2 fully equipped bathrooms, service area, barbecue grill, and balcony.

✅ Conduru III stands as our newest addition with superior details to enjoy the paradise of Preá with greater comfort. It is an exclusive complex of 20 houses located just 0.43 miles from the beach.

💻 Would you like to learn more about it? You can fill out our contact form to become part of the select privileged group that will enjoy this venture.

Villa Conduru: The perfect place to stay

Villa Conduru Residence is a gated community of 36 fully furnished and cozy houses.

👉 Just 0.43 miles from Praia do Preá.

👉 0.62 miles from the center of Preá.

👉 25 minutes from Jericoacoara.

Privacy and comfort characterize each of our spaces, both in common areas and within our vacation homes. The interiors feature a kitchen, living room, terrace, and interior garden.

Designed for short stays with family or friends, our facilities also cater to the needs of digital nomads looking for a different place to work and boost their productivity.

Staying at Villa Conduru will give a completely different meaning to the word vacation.

🗓️ Make your reservation now! and start planning your next vacation with the help of our expert staff.

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